2016/12/13 - Apache Etch has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Get Involved

If you are new to Apache and open source and would like to learn more about how to work in open source, check this page.

The Apache Etch project is pleased about any contributions like documentation, source code, bug fixes or feedback. The following infos give you some suggestions on how you can get involved into Apache Etch.

Reporting an Issue or Asking for New Features

Please use Apache's JIRA system to report bugs or request new features. First time users will need to create a login.

Search the existing JIRAs to see if what you want to create is already there. If not, create a new one. Make sure JIRAs are categorized correctly using JIRA categories and are created under the correct component area. Please include as much information as possible in your JIRA to help resolve the issue quicker. This can include version of the software used, platforms running on, steps to reproduce, test case, details of your requirement or even a patch if you have one.

You can always propose a release and drive the release with the content that you want. Another way to get a JIRA into a release is by providing a patch or working with other community members (volunteers) to help you get the problem fixed. You can also help by providing test cases.

In general, the best attempt is made to include as many JIRAs as possible depending on the level of community help. The voting mechanism in the JIRA system can be used to raise the importance of a JIRA to the attention of the committers. Adding comments in the JIRA would help the committers to understand why a JIRA is important to include in a given release.

How to Submitting a Patch

Please follow the steps below to create a patch. It will be reviewed and committed by a committer in the project.