2016/12/13 - Apache Etch has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Welcome to Apache Etch

Etch is a cross-platform, language- and transport-independent framework for building and consuming network services. The Etch toolset includes a network service description language, a compiler, and binding libraries for a variety of programming languages. Etch is also transport-independent, allowing for a variety of different transports to be used based on need and circumstance. The goal of Etch is to make it simple to define small, focused services that can be easily accessed, combined, and deployed in a similar manner. With Etch, service development and consumption becomes no more difficult than library development and consumption.

Etch was started because we wanted to have a way to write a concise, formal description of the message exchange between a client and a server, with that message exchange supporting a hefty set of requirements:


Project Status

The Apache Etch project is permanently in progress. The latest stable version can be downloaded here. The language bindings are currently in different states: